WordPress Is The Best, WordPress Is The Worst

When we talk to clients we hear one of two things: WordPress is the best and WordPress is the worst. We have our own opinion of what WordPress really is. It's hands down one of the best platforms out there for websites, blogs, ecommerce and more as long as you hire the right developer to set it up for you. Too many times we've seen WordPress sites that are setup with one static content block and it's impossible for the client to update even the simplest of pages. Our approach is to utilize plugins only when needed. Instead, we focus on using Advanced Custom Fields to create customized containers of content that can easily be updated by the least tech-savvy of our clients.

WordPress enables us to take advantage of a wide variety of plugins that are maintained and updated by some of the best WordPress plugin developers. That allows us to focus on things like SEO, ease of use and site structure instead of worrying about creating a Facebook feed or contact form builder. Instead, we get to focus on setting up your WordPress site so you can easily update it long after we've launched your site and grown your business. Columbus is quickly becoming a WordPress hub and we helping to lead that charge.

Columbus WordPress Development

WordPress Features

Mobile Ready
We can build any WordPress site to be responsive, it will scale to fit any screen size from the smallest smartphone to the largest TV. This gives you the widest audience reach when it comes to your content.
We can help you analyze all the analytics data being collected by your WordPress site and make smart decisions on what new content to create and where to place ads for maximum revenue.
We have a team of content writers that can take your general ideas and convert them into web friendly content that will not only keep users on the WordPress site longer but will boost your search rankings.
Social Media integration
We know what it takes for content to go viral, just look at our NBAToColumbus campaign. We can tag your WordPress site so that it can be shared across all social media networks.
Search Engine Marketing
Just because you have a WordPress site online doesn't mean you're going to get traffic. We will help you promote your WordPress site through targeted advertising to drive users to your WordPress site.
WordPress Hosting
Need help with your WordPress hosting. We offer managed WordPress hosting with monitoring, automatic updates, and the latest security tools. All with no long term contract.

WordPress FAQs

Absolutely. We are happy to take a look at what you have, provide recommendations, maintain, and enhance existing WordPress sites.

Our typical WordPress hosting is $50/month. You may be asking why is that higher than godaddy, hostgator, and other hosting providers. We provide monitoring as part of our hosting package. That way you don't ever have to worry about your site going down, missing a lead, or making an online sale.

We've built hundreds of custom WordPress sites and have the expertise to create your next site. Our clients love the fact that we take the time to think through how content will be updated in the future and build that into the WordPress admin to make it easier for them in the future. Check out our featured WordPress sites below to see sites we've built and worked on.

We offer free WordPress estimates