Improving SEO with ASP.Net MVC - Part 3 - Google Search Features

Google has been making a big push to add new search features, rich results and rich cards. In order to do this developers need to use either JSON-LD markup or Microdata. This can be confusing for new developers who are not familiar with either of those markup types.

Displaying all tags for a WordPress site

When working on a WordPress site you might come across a request to build a tag list/cloud/directory for all the tags that are setup in the site that are associated with at least one or more posts. We looked everywhere for code that would do this and we kept running across the same examples that only showed how to display the tags associated with a single post not all posts. But then we found it and it was so simple, we created a new WordPress page using a custom template.

Our Top 3 Favorite WordPress Plugins - 2016 Edition

We use WordPress on a lot of websites so naturally we come across a lot of different client requests and scenarios. Instead of reinventing the wheel every time, why not use a preexisting plugin to accomplish what you need? Here are some of our favorite plugins that we've used in 2016.

Yesterday Computer Song

Do you know the song "Yesterday"? Then sing along to this computer version.

Improving SEO with ASP.Net MVC - Part 2 - SEO Tags

Having correct SEO tags for meta description, meta keywords, meta title and canonical are very important when it comes to the overall SEO health of your website. Without these tags you are relying on Google and Bing to determine what to show users in search results for your website. Canoncial URLs also implicitly tell search engine what the URL for the page should be. This is extremely handy when you use querystring parameters which change the URL but not necessarily the content on the page.

.NET Core and ASP.NET Launches a Beta Bug Bounty Program.

​Today, with great excitement, we announce an introductory 3 month bug bounty program for .NET Core and ASP.NET, our new open source, cross platform runtime and web stack. The program encompasses the latest beta version, beta 8 and any subsequent beta or release candidates released during the program period.

Improving SEO with ASP.Net MVC - Part 1 - Creating Better SEO URLs

When Google crawls your website looking for links to index, it sees each variation of a link as a unique link. A link that includes www. is not the same as a link that doesn't. The same holds true for uppercase and lower case URLs. Although your website will still render the page because ASP.Net can handle both uppercase and lowercase URLs it's not recommended to get the best SEO possible for your site. You also want to insure that you are not creating duplicate urls with http:// and https://. Google will s

Creating an ASP.Net MVC dynamic sitemap

We will walk through all the steps needed to create a dynamically updating sitemap in MVC. This is great if you have dynamic content pages for events, news, blog or other pages where urls are generated automatically using a database.

Materialize Framework

Materialize is a modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design. For use in your web projects, it provides an option of both CSS as well as source SCSS files, along with JavaScript, material design icons and Roboto font. Included components are basic ones such as grids, forms, buttons, navbar and cards. Materialize is available on GitHub as well.

Web Designer vs Web Developer

When people ask us what we do we tell them we do “custom web development” and of course the first thing that they respond with is, “oh, so you design websites”. Well yes and no. Web developers can be involved in the design process but we usually leave that up to the designers. We tend to focus more on the code and the functionality. Or as we like to put it, “web designers make it look pretty, we make it work”. We take a design or multiple designs and convert them from images into the applications you use...

Your Website Needs A Blog? Reasons Why & Reasons Why Not

Blogs are all the rage these days. You have to have one for your website or at least that’s what most web agencies will tell you. But that’s not necessarily always the case. It depends on your business, it depends on your time and ability. We’ve seen blogs work and not work in both driving traffic to a site and building an online brand. In some cases it can actually do more harm than good.

If You Build It They Will Come

Web development can often be an utterly perplexing affair. Today, aimed at beginners, I'd like to introduce you to twenty six concepts or technologies, each mapping to a letter of the alphabet. Sounds wonky? It probably is! Let's get started after the jump.

Uploading a file to Sharepoint

Sharepoint can be one of those tricky pain points for most web developers whose primary focus is the web space and not necessarily as a Sharepoint developer. It seems like there is no one go to place to find exactly what you need for your specific solution when it comes to Sharepoint. Luckily for me, I had the opportunity to investigate several ways of performing a simple task within Sharepoint.

10 fresh tools for web designers and developers

A plethora of amazing tools and resources are available out there for web designers and developers, and they find these nothing less than a blessing. They are always eager to take advantage of them, as these tools and resources make their work quite easy and quick. Web designing and developing is by no means an easy task, so having good tools and resources to lighten the burden of work is always welcome.

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