Search Engines Are Always Changing

If it was easy everyone would be ranked #1, right? Once you build a site and launch it, you have to grow it. Traffic doesn't just happen overnight, it takes time, hard work and talent to get on the first page of all the major search engines. We know how search engines work and we know what they are working on to improve their results.

If you're not one step ahead of everyone else's websites then you're falling behind and you will get outranked. We stay up to date on all the trends that search engines are using: mobile friendly, ssl secure, visible text, micro data tagging and more. It's not magic, it just takes talent and time to get a high ranking.

SEO Features

If you tell the search engines what you want them to crawl and look for, your content will be index faster. When good content is indexed it's ranked higher. We know tagging inside and out.
Writing for search is different than writing for users, it take a delicate balance of both to get real SEO results. Good thing our writers have been doing it for years and know what works and what doesn't.
Webmaster Tools
Each search engine offers a toolbox that developers can take advantage of to submit sitemaps, set crawl rates, check errors and more. We're experts on all of them.


We typically get our clients setup on a monthly basis, that way we can monitor their sites over the course of a month and make adjustments as needed to maximize results the following month. But search engines are always changing so you don't want to fall too far behind or you have to do major overhauls.

It depends on how big your site is, how up to date it is and how much work we have to do to get it to an effective spot. We can do SEO in phases or all at once. We also provide up front estimates so you're never surprised by the cost.

We can help by taking your list of common industry keywords and expand on them with detailed analysis of what keywords will work based on volume, difficulty, potential, and suggestions. Great SEO keywords can make or break your SEO efforts and can have an enormous impact on your paid SEM campaigns.

It takes experience across multiple industries to realize what works and what doesn't, we have been doing SEO for a long time and we're pretty good at it. We're constantly learning about new methods and we implement them in our side projects to see how effective they are. You get the benefit of all our free time hard work.

We take a very customized approach to SEO. No two clients are exactly the same and their SEO needs are dependent on their indidivual business. We pride ourselves on serving the Columbus, Ohio market as well as others.

We offer free SEO estimates