Website vs Web Application

When people ask what we do we usually tell them we build web applications, but they tend to look at us funny when we do that. So we tell them, "we build websites". The fact of the matter is that most websites you go to today like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Amazon are all web applications. The main difference between a website and web application is does the content change through a database or does somebody have to manually update what's shown on the screen through code.

Websites are pretty basic, they are usually made up of anywhere from 1-200 pages and contain almost all static content that won't be changed very often. Every user that visits the website gets the exact same experience. There is no customization based on the particular users and there is no dynamic content.

Website Features

Mobile Ready
We can build any website to be responsive, it will scale to fit any screen size from the smallest smart phone to the largest TV. This gives you the widest audience reach when it comes to your content.
We can help you analyze all the analytics data being collected by your site and make smart decisions on what new content to create and where to place ads for maximum revenue.
We have a team of content writers that can take your general ideas and convert them into web friendly content that will not only keep users on the site longer but will boost your search rankings.
Social Media integration
We know what it takes for content to go viral, just look at our NBAToColumbus campaign. We can tag your site so that it can be shared across all social media networks.
Search Engine Marketing
Just because you have a website online doesn't mean you're going to get traffic. We will help you promote your website through targeted advertising to drive users to your website.
We're not designers and we know it, that's why we use the best design agencies in Columbus. They make it look pretty, we make it work.

Website FAQs

Web applications are great but they also take a lot more time and if you know that your content isn't going to change very often why not cut the cost and simply build a website. When updates or edits are needed, simply send us a request and we can update the content, it's as easy as that.

Landing pages, tight deadline marketing campaigns, and event promotions are great examples of when a website comes in handy. We can usually crank out a full website in 2-3 weeks depending on the complexity of the design.

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the game, search engines are changing their algorithms quicker and quicker to stay ahead of SEO thieves and cheats. We follow all the trends that Google, Bing and Yahoo are using and we can tag your website to be more effective for search engine optimization while we are building it.

We offer free website estimates