Blogs are all the rage these days. You have to have one for your website or at least that’s what most web agencies will tell you. But that’s not necessarily always the case. It depends on your business, it depends on your time and ability. We’ve seen blogs work and not work in both driving traffic to a site and building an online brand. In some cases it can actually do more harm than good.

We’ll explain five reasons why you should have a blog on your website and two reason why you shouldn’t.

Why Your Website Should Have A Blog

Boost Your Search Engine Optimization

Your blog is just one extension of marketing that encompasses your entire digital marketing strategy. When it comes to driving users to your website there are multiple ways, a blog being a critical one. Not only are you publishing new content on your website so search engines will crawl it more often but you are also creating quality links to shareable content. As long as your blog articles are worth reading and people value your insight they will share your content, giving you more back links to your site.

You Showcase Your Expertise

A blog is a great tool for letting everyone know that you truly have the expertise within your field or industry. Yes, anybody can create a website and list all the services they offer and how great of a company they are but having a blog that people continuously visit for your expertise is priceless. It can help you find new clients/customers, receive awards and get invited to do speaking engagements.

Want To Make Money

If your blog has great content and you’re getting continuous traffic you can actually monetize that traffic through Google adsenseAmazon Associates or other banner ad programs. Keep in mind though that your content better be worth it because users don’t want to be flooded with banner ads unless the content is one of a kind and valuable.

You Care About Your Business

Having a blog with recent articles shows perspective clients/customers that you care about your business and that you have a passion for it. If you’re updating your blog it shows that you care about your industry and you’re trying to share your knowledge with everyone. Passionate companies are usually the best ones to work with because they are going to care more about you as a client and what they are working on. When your job is your passion, you’re never truly working, you’re having fun.

Why Your Website Shouldn’t Have A Blog

You Won’t Update It

Nothing looks worse on a website than a blog that hasn’t been updated in years. Not only does it show that you don’t care about your website but it shows that you aren’t even working on your own brand. If you don’t have the time to post on your own website you’re better off not having a blog versus having an outdated blog.

You Don’t Know What To Post About

If you don’t have the expertise in the area and don’t know what to even post about then you’re better off not having a blog, instead focus on social media like Facebook and Twitter where you can retweet and share other brand’s content. Keep learning and when you’re ready then start your blog, it’s better to not post anything than post inaccurate and content of no value.