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Double Click Form Submission Fix

A common issue with form submissions is the user double-clicking the submit button and the form information being duplicated. Here is a simple solution to fix this issue. The one thing that you have to do is make sure the form is still submitted and then the button is disabled. You can not just disable

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How to use Isotope

Isotope Sorting Isotope is a plugin that allows you to sort and filter HTML elements on a page with minimal setup. This post is going to focus on the sorting aspect. The following is a stripped-down example of how we used Isotope to sort elements in two different ways, either by name or by an

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Using data attributes with JQuery

Using data attributes with JQuery Data Attributes A data attribute is a custom attribute that stores information. Data attributes always start with “data-” then followed with a descriptive name of the data that is being stored. You can have multiple data attributes on an element and be used on any HTML element. In use Getting the