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Materialize Framework

Materialize is a modern responsive front-end framework based on Material Design. For use in your web projects, it provides an option of both CSS as well as source SCSS files, along with JavaScript, material design icons and Roboto font. Included components are basic ones such as grids, forms, buttons, navbar and cards. Materialize is available

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Web Designer Vs Web Developer

When people ask us what we do we tell them we do “custom web development” and of course the first thing that they respond with is, “oh, so you design websites”. Well yes and no. Web developers can be involved in the design process but we usually leave that up to the designers. We tend

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10 Fresh Tools For Web Designers And Developers

A plethora of amazing tools and resources are available out there for web designers and developers, and they find these nothing less than a blessing. They are always eager to take advantage of them, as these tools and resources make their work quite easy and quick. Web designing and developing is by no means an