We use WordPress on a lot of websites so naturally we come across a lot of different client requests and scenarios. Instead of reinventing the wheel every time, why not use a preexisting plugin to accomplish what you need?

Here are some of our favorite plugins that we’ve used in 2016.

1. Advanced Custom Fields

If you haven’t used ACF before you are really missing out. Are you tired of creating massive pages within WordPress, storing all the content in the content editor, only to have your client mess it all up with one click of the delete key. Well that won’t happen anymore. With ACF you can create custom fields that take the HTML coding out of the content editor. You can custom tailor all the aspect of a page into easy to fill in blocks for your non techy customers.

Check out Advanced Custom Fields.

2. Admin Columns

Tired of using the stock grid when creating a custom post type. Now you can customize the grid, to show specific fields with sorting, filtering and inline editing available. The pro version even has add ons that allow you to display ACF fields or woo commerce fields in the grid.

Check out Admin Columns.

3. WP Clone

WP Clone allows you to make backups of your entire WordPress installation including the database and all media assets. It then neatly wraps the whole backup into a zip file that can easily be downloaded to a local or stage version of your WordPress site. This is a great tool if you are making a lot of changes on a stage version of your site and want to quickly move all the changes to production.

Check out WP Clone.